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A fond Farewell


We are sad, yet excited to say goodbye to our beautiful, cosy and compact little home – The Green Studio.  After five years of providing a home for Fraher Architects, we have outgrown our  haven and are venturing into a larger office space to support our growing business.

Joe and Lizzie designed the studio to run our practice whilst juggling life with a baby. 5 years down the line , they now have two girls. The goal? to navigate the tightrope that is running a design studio whilst rearing a young family.  Its a familiar situation to so many business owners and the studio has helped us grow our own family as well as our professional family at Fraher Architects.

The studio is submerged into the ground in order to minimise its massing within the garden setting and has its own independent access from the street.  The split level provides a space to sit at the mezzanine level and work down below with lots of natural light, improved with a warm birch plywood interior. After completion, it was widely published and shortlisted for the AJ ‘Small Projects Awards’.

The interior fit out was a package where we first worked on a cut and construct CNC process to make the stairs, cabs and desks. A project in its infancy that let on to a dream of starting our joinery partner, Shape London. It feels like the right time to fly the nest, but never has such a building felt like a home and birthplace of things as our little studio.   A great emotional attachment for a space that has given us the opportunity to build so much.

So what next for the studio?  Well, it can return to a place of private work, no doubt it will be over taken by growing children? Or we get our own way, a painting studio or a bike workshop? The possibilities are endless. One thing will remain, the importance of this small project to our business and our family.  Thank you to all who made the Studio the place it is.