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Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Sarah from the office visited this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week.  A great event as usual with lots of interesting products and ideas that we are keen to integrate into our latest projects.  Sarah is not only our press and office manager, but a keen designer herself with a jewellery and light fitting range (more of which to come later.)  Here are her thoughts on the things that she saw at CDW 2015.

“As a keen designer there is nothing better than a wander round Clerkenwell design week with some truly inspirational designs and spaces, this year was no exception. I loved the incredible art installation of a wall of cast wax bricks melting by Alex Chinneck.

The fantastic pegs wall paper by Mitas and Co, designed by Alix Bigois-Jeambrun particularly caught my eye in Clerkenwell Detail.

The converted barge was a delight to walk round introducing Bert & May spaces and featuring not only some beautiful tile design from Bert & May but also some fantastic bespoke furniture design.

These beautiful hand crafted lights are formed from woven maple wood veneer giving a warm and soft life –