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Getting stuck in…

Step 10 Level Floors

Joe (one of our Directors) recently spent a week in the Alps with Luke and his team from The team successfully laid 5500 SqFt of Ash White in just 3 days in very challenging conditions. The results surpassed all expectations and we look forward to sharing the final shots from the project in the coming months.

In the meantime here is a preview and backstory:

Step 1 : Don’t Forget the key!

Step 2 : Lay the underfloor heating pipes on the insulation and pressure test.

Step 3 : Fit the stairs shipped out by our friends at Shape.

Step 4 : Bring the property up to a target temperature of 15 Deg, note its – 7 Deg outside!

Step 6 : Order some concrete.

Step 7 : Check the ticket, realise you have €7000 of the wrong specification of concrete sat out side the job. Calmly have a conversation with the supplier in best schoolboy French politely asking why they have not followed your specification. Get told “It is fine and stop worrying!”

Step 8 : Refuse to fall for that old trick, check the mix at the plant and make to sure they bring the right one tomorrow, go for a beer (or two).

Step 9 : Pump concrete, lots of concrete (68.75 m3) find out it costs €240 + TVA a m3 – have a coffee and recover from shock.

Step 10 Screed floors, the team topped out at 100m2 an hour, huge respect!

Step 11 : Powerfloat until 1 am to ensure the perfect finish

Step 12 : Cut movement joint in the morning.

Step 13 : Stand back and admire your handiwork!

Step 14 : Cover ready for partitioning and make a dash for the plane.