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Kitchen Evolution


The way in which we perceive and use space within the home is rapidly changing, most notably in the kitchen. The kitchen is now where we cook, work, socialise, relax and connect with our families and friends. The kitchen has become a multi living space, incorporating separate cooking, dining and living areas into one unified space. With the exception of sleeping and bathing, all the other practical areas of the home are in one space similarly to the earliest house designs.

The design focus in the home can often be identified as the kitchen. When we are designing kitchen spaces and kitchen joinery, we must consider how our clients use the kitchen as a living area rather than a conventional kitchen for dining and cooking.

With this in mind, we recently visited the Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Show in Birmingham to see if anything caught our eye. Below are a couple of trends we found to be appearing across the show.

Bringing materiality and colour into everyday household items

Texture and materiality were key considerations with the design of many household items, from sinks to radiators and even kitchen appliances. The textured radiator by Termaheat below by is a key example of a fitting that embodies this focus well.

Two tone colour palates and colour blocking

Colour and material blocking and contrasting two tone colour applications were evidently a popular design focus at the exhibition show. We have used colour blocking in a number of our projects, most recently in the joinery of the Hanging Gardens Project. It is nice to see how a client enjoys experimenting with different colours and materials within their home.

Open and closed spaces

Flexible storage options that either conceal or reveal kitchen items was another common design approach across the kitchen manufacturers on show. The kitchen can present itself to the user differently depending upon what is on display and concealed.

Smart Technology

Smart Technology Products are developing at a rapid rate. Rapid hot water taps are expected to have the highest growth in kitchen accessories in the following years. Moreover, self opening and open touch air pressured drawers are increasingly common. Coated metal components with an anti finger print enzyme means handles and draws remain finger print free and glass inserts on drawers enable all pantry items to be viable.