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Looking through the Glass


Fraher has been involved in an increasing number of commercial sector interior fit out projects over the past two years. We are engaging with these projects from an alternative approach, that looks to understand the brand and company first. Our team then look at interpreting this into a unique spatial solution for our Clients. This approach highlights an often overlooked consideration in retail design. There are so many amazing examples of creative, dynamic and immersive retail experiences, however, there are many examples of retail environments that lack the creative edge necessary to gain the momentum amongst their retail peers. This space is a crucial factor for a customer and sales representative alike to promote an engaging sales environment.

We have recently worked with two new businesses which have offered us the unique opportunity of interpreting two new brands, giving the Studio a white canvas to start with. With very little in terms of predetermined aesthetic or existing brand design approach, we have been able to work with the Client to understand the core values of their companies, and over time, visualise how this can be created three-dimensionally and spatially. All spaces, after all, should be experiential and we hope that working from the inner core of the business’s beliefs, that the interior spaces reflect the business from the moment you enter until the moment you leave, from the wall finishes to every door handle.

One Client recently approached us to work with them on a pitch for a new retail experience for a new Kings Cross Retail Development.  This hub is yet to be completed, but has a very strong design approach and language that defines the establishments who will inhabit the retail spaces. It is so interesting to see the impact of how a great building can shape a brand and business proposal creating a responsive and unique offering.

Our designs are still confidential at this stage, however it is exciting for our Studio to be looking at design and interior spaces through a different pair of glasses.