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Meet the Fraher family – Matt Fraher


Now to our newest member of the team, Matt joined us in October 2015 as our Accounts and Business Development Manager. Keep reading to get to know him a little better …….

What is your favourite piece of architecture or place to visit in the UK – Why?

I have always been drawn to the Royal Naval college in Greenwich. It is a fine example of Wren’s intricate design and now frames the high rises of Canary Wharf. It offers the perfect escape from the city and there is always a deserted corner to read in. Specifically I love the colonnades, the hanging lanterns remind me that London is rather elegant.

What do you do for fun, relax or unwind?

I am happiest on two wheels, cycling still remains the quickest way to get around the city. I also love skiing and travelling, specifically to different cities.

What is your favourite treat yourself cuisine or place to eat?

I think breakfast is too often overlooked, to quote AA Gill “Breakfast is everything. The beginning, the first thing. It is the mouthful that is the commitment to a new day“. I could not agree more, going out for breakfast is an inexpensive way to try some great restaurants. I love the Wolseley for its flawless service and Andina on Red Church Street for exotic smoothies and great eggs (I struggle to pronounce half the menu)

What is your favourite most inspirational country/city? Why?

I find Copenhagen really inspiring as a city as it does not compromise on lifestyle or design. It has a realistic pace of life and every element of the city (transport, bridges, buildings, parks ) feel like they have been carefully pieced together like a puzzle. The meat packing district is very unique and offers great restaurants in a really industrial surrounding. It feels like a film set.

What is your favourite season and why?

Spring. Crisp mornings and the promise of summer.

If you could visit/ experience any piece of architecture in the world where would you go and why?

I am intrigued by concert halls / opera houses due to their vast size and sense of grandeur. The Guangzhou Opera House by Zaha Hadid embodies both these elements but in a modern context. Her buildings are never static which I love. It would be great to spend a day exploring the site and then watch a performance in the evening. The concert hall has been described like climbing into an oyster and the concave ceiling is pierced by thousands of little lights.

What is your favourite film?

Killer question. I enjoy a films soundtrack as much as the film so for that reason I think both Django and The Intouchables are excellent.

What is number 1 on your list of places to visit?

The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Brazil. During rainy season the sand dunes are transformed into stunning turquoise lagoons.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

The Bard says it best “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” He taught me to be audacious in my daily life.