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One of Architect’s visited the Milan Expo 2015.  Here’s a little blog from their travels;

The expo is the architectural equivalent of Disneyworld, styles ranging from refined minimalist, tacky theme park to conceptual. Milan’s expo was no exception.  Along with a couple friends from university, I arrived in Milan late morning after minimal sleep the night before.

The Expo serves as a vehicle for countries and corporations to flex their muscles to a global audience. The pavilions serve as a symbol of the financial and political power of the state. This year’s Expo theme was about feeding the world.

 Some pavilions to worth mentioning include the Brazilian Pavilion by Studio Arthur Casas and Atelier Marko Brajovic.  The latter showcases a tensile net creating a walkable dynamic landscape with a variety of plants possibly to demonstrate the biodiversity of the Brazilian rainforest and interactive large format touch screen computers.

One of my personal favourites was the Vanke pavilion by Libeskind. From a sculptural and aesthetic point of view, it’s beautiful. The metallic coating creates a striking shimmer in the sun. I don’t think my photographs quite capture how light plays with the surface.

Some of the pavilions lack concept and content focusing merely on the scale to create wow-factor, it’s nice to see the UK pavilion focusing more on the underlying concept and design which can be easily diluted in reality.