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Installation Design Competition

View looking up from the bottom of the atrium

View looking up from the bottom of the atrium

We were recently invited to participate in a design competition for an Installation to inhabit a 5 storey atrium space in an office building in Central London. The design had to be based on our ideas on, ‘The Future of The Built Environment.’


What one physical gesture can we design to communicate our ideas on the future of the built Environment? What weight do our solo voices have without the benefit of debate or conversation. Surely the future of the built environment is something that exists through speculation across professions, specialism’s and sectors.

We are each individuals with different ideas, usual better ideas through the subject of conversation and education one another. What makes us unique and the future of the built environment is those ideas. Ideas borne by architects, engineers, contractors, inventors, product designers, industrial designers, mechanics and so on and so on.
We believe the future of the Built Environment is born out of an open conversation where anybody who has the seed of something, can contribute.
We will endeavor to therefore design a physical network for airing, collecting and distributing those seed ideas. Our proposal will act as a sponge, soaking up more and more ideas, with the ability to be ‘squeezed,’ to shed ideas/conversations/dialogue when required.
To emphasize the importance of time, both in maturation of ideas, a learning experience and as the future of the built environment itself, the network will grow, age, move and shed its skin within the space.
The conservation does not stand still, movement visually suggests an ever changing presence which we can all be a part of.
Users of the building can input their ideas into the network, bringing the network into active existence and changing its physical parameters. Users of the building will also be able to physically take away parts of the network to continue the life of the network outside the building.