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Visitor Experience

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We have been commissioned to look at Design Proposals for a Visitor’s Experience for the London Headquarters of a Large International Company. The cafe and communal hub to the building are housing in a large glass atrium, overlooked by office spaces. The existing cafe area suffered from a number of non-compliant DDA issues that we were asked to address within proposals for this central visitor area. The creative design ideas look to compliment the existing spatial environment, whilst providing the client with a unique and innovative visitor experience that is in line with the company’s pioneering profile.

The design of the street looks to echo the mission statement of the company and create a sense of place for the Client. The design proposals look to heighten the senses’ of the visitor and users of the building; thus making them aware of light, movement, their breathing, all of which are vital to sustaining life.

The final designs were addressed by the following:

  • Remind us of the presence of the environment and the sky above. The balustrades, sign age, stage and cafe servery seem to just ‘hang,’ from the sky above.
  • Create a kinetic spatial environment that is representative of the changing environment.
  • Offer fully flexible space as stage and tier balustrades could be raised to open up public forum.
  • Maximise use of vertical qualities of the street space.